WC-FLAG have been closely monitoring the updates received from the Board of Warwick Crest Limited and from our Managing Agent, Matthew Arnold of MetroPM.

We are very troubled and concerned by what we have been told. We have found numerous examples of inaccurate, misleading and  potentially dishonest information in the communications we have received. Even our local MP Preet Gill has attempted to intervene on our behalf.

Click here to see our latest communication with the Board, and here is a brief summary of where things stand currently:

Summary update on where we are – as at 12 September 2021:

Our latest emails were sent to the Board on 15 August, 2 September and 12 September – we still have NUMEROUS, deeply troubling concerns which remain unanswered. More troubling still is the fact that when WC-FLAG try to engage with other contractors to get alternative quotes, our contractors are being threatened with the police! This is inexcusable on the part of our Board and Managing Agent.

A top Government advisor has warned leaseholders to avoid being “ripped off” by “profiteering” suppliers and landlords. WC-FLAG believes that is exactly what is happening at Warwick Crest – certain parties have been attempting to rip us off all along by suggesting totally unnecessary work or work that is grossly over-inflated in price. WC-FLAG will continue to fight this.

We finally, after months of requesting it, received a copy of the tender and specification documents for the works. We have been wanting to see this so we can figure out how the works could be estimated to cost between £500,000 to £1,000,000 – a figure we simply do not believe these works should cost, but that appears grossly inflated. We now can see that only one small part of the tender document relates to works necessary for the EWS1 survey – the rest is superfluous!

We are also still waiting for our Board to give us permission to speak directly to the Fire Engineer who completed the EWS1 survey over 8 months ago, as we have many questions as to why the works apparently advised to be carried out by that report have still not been done. The Board is still refusing to give us this access.

We recommended 3 new Directors to join the Board, all with considerable business expertise. We felt this was extremely urgent as Jack Lee was in de facto SOLE CONTROL of all spending and decision making at Warwick Crest following the resignation of the 2 Directors. Jack Lee initially REFUSED to accept any other Directors onto the Board which would relinquish his sole control. However, eventually he accepted one of our proposals to join the Board.

We still hope that the other 2 highly experienced individuals we proposed will also be accepted onto the Board by the other 2 Directors. A diverse board with considerable business experience is what is now required.

Yet still, the Board refuse to add these other two Directors – what is our Board afraid of?

!! Join WC-FLAG !!

If you have kept up-to-date with what’s going on and in these pages you will almost certainly be feeling like we all are – very angry at what our Managing Agent Matthew Arnold, with apparently the full support of our Board, is up to.

There is only one way to put a STOP to this – join WC-FLAG now and add your voice to make sure the scrutiny continues so we are not all taken for a ride, and that changes take place.

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